Protectores Professional Choise Pack 2 unidades Ven Tech Elite

Protectores Professional Choise Pack 2 unidades Ven Tech Elite

Disponibilidad: Under Order

Disciplina: Cow Horse Horsemanship Ranch Sorting Reining Roping Western

Precio: 165.0 (Tax included)
Ven Tech Elite Leggings by Professional's Choice.
The Professional's Choice sports medicine boots with VenTECH system feature limestone neoprene and air-permeable Ultrashock lining. The perforation of both layers of the gaiters provides more stretch and flexibility and therefore provides more support, but does not limit the freedom of movement.
VenTECH Elite Gaiters have an improved fit, are lightweight and above all anatomically shaped. The cut of theleg boots is adjusted that bell boots can be worn in combination with the leg boots.
This guarantees an optimal fit of the gaiters. Exclusive materials in multi-layered layers ensure all-round protection of the horse's leg. The specially developed harness on the gaiters prevents overstretching of the pastern.
Scientifically proven, the fetlock gaiters absorb more than 26% of the hoof strain, making them the ultimate leg protection for horses.
Size: M circumference about 27 cm (10.5")
Height: about 28cm (11")
Material: neoprene

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