Eco Leg Boots

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Disciplina: Cow Horse Horsemanship Ranch Sorting Reining Roping Western

Precio: 39.0 (Tax included)
Soft fetlock gaiters

The soft fetlock gaiters support the tendons and ligaments of the horse, but also protect (especially shoed horses) from injuries caused by beatings. The 8mm thick but still pleasantly soft material provides a great protection for the leg. The leg boots provide extensive support for the tendons and ligaments, as well as reliable protection in daily training with the horse. The 3 Velcro closures provide a good grip on the horse's leg and can be attached quickly and appropriately. The gaiters are suitable for both the front and hindlegs. For the hind legs, however, it is advisable to order the leg boots one size larger.
The scope of delivery includes 1 pair of fetlock gaiters.

Size: M
weight about 22cm
Height about 28cm

Color: black and white

Material: soft material

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